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2020 election was free, fair

To the Editor:

The assault on the U.S. Capitol Building by an angry mob Wednesday was a direct affront to American democracy. In any election there is a loser. With the Electoral College, sometimes the person winning the popular vote does not win the election. Democrats have seen that result a couple of times in the past two decades, yet the transfer of power has been peaceful and respectful. President Trump inflamed his followers by repeatedly claiming the election was stolen from him. He knowingly incited them to continue the fight by marching to the Capitol. As a direct result of the president’s encouragement, the lives of our elected representatives were endangered, and our revered Capitol and its contents were damaged extensively.

The 2020 election was certified free and fair by state and federal officials and the court system. President Trump refused to accept that outcome and instead gave his followers false hope it could be overturned. Some of his followers, who forced their way into the building, brought weapons and words and symbols of hate. Lives were lost as a result of this siege. These actions were fueled by President Trump, and he needs to be held accountable. The world is watching, as are our children. As a former teacher, how do we talk about this with students?

They must know this type of behavior is wrong and it is not how we solve problems or respond when we lose. Do our leaders want to worry about rioting occurring after every election?

We, as a nation, must look at what took place, and not make excuses for such actions. We need to call it what it is. This was an insurrection and those involved must be held responsible, including the president. We are a nation of laws. Our leaders must take appropriate action, as our children are watching.

Pam Egli



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