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Gun regulations won’t

affect 2nd Amendment

To the Editor:

There have been 297 mass shootings resulting in 335 deaths and 1,219 gun injuries so far in 2019. Those staggering numbers alone should be evidence enough for Congress to begin discussions and work to take action to curb the menace of gun violence.

Pair that with recent polling numbers that indicate an overwhelming percentage of Americans want some kind of gun control legislation and it’s hard to understand why Mitch McConnell, Joni Ernst and the other Republicans in the Senate fail to take action on the pending background check bills passed by the House.

I know too well that naysayers will throw out the usual panic alarm statement that any firearms legislation will eventually lead to the repeal of the Second Amendment. Let me remind everyone that it takes a two-thirds majority of each body of Congress as well as approval by three-quarters of all state legislative bodies to repeal an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. All of this from a Congress that can’t agree on when to take a bathroom break.

Repeal is not going to happen. We don’t want to take away handguns and hunting rifles, we want to curb mass murder.

Bill Close

New Hartford

Summer’s end thank you

To the Editor:

As the summer comes to an end it is time to send out thank yous to those that made local agriculture events a success.

Let’s thank the Bremer County Farm Bureau board of directors volunteering to be board members and for all that showed up for the picnic, sweet corn feed and watermelon feed. You made these events a success. Thank you for all the other events you attend to represent farmers in Bremer County. Thank you for being parents and mentors, chauffeurs and the biggest cheerleader in the crowd to your children.

Thank you to the Bremer County Extension staff for all the organizing of the Ag events whether it is for the 4-Her’s, FFA students, area gardeners and the area farmers. Without you there would not be the 4-H-ers and FFA students showing their entries in the fair. Thank you for organizing the Fourth Grade Safety Day Camp. A big thank you for working so closely with Bremer County Farm Bureau and being the great partner you are.

Thank you to Bremer County Fair board volunteers that make the fair what is it with your countless hours you spend preparing, during and clean up after. Thank you keep agriculture alive in the heart of our children.

Thank you to the parents of the 4-H-ers and FFA students for your support. It does not go unnoticed the hours you spend with your children at the fair and chaffering them to and from their events.

Last but not least, thank you the 4-H-ers and FFA students for wanting to learn and represent Agriculture.

Luann Brandt

Office Administrator

Bremer County Farm Bureau


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