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Vote Mitchell for District 1 Supervisor

To the Editor:

I’ve known longtime Waverly resident, Dean Mitchell for many years now. I’m not surprised Dean wants to wear yet another hat as he asks for our vote as Bremer County Supervisor in Wards 1-4 in November. Dean, as our supervisor, is as natural as the changing of the seasons. To offer just a snapshot of his good will and accomplishments would shore up a list as long as your fondest memory.

After graduating from Ellsworth College as a young man, Dean stepped up to serve our country and is a Vietnam Veteran. To this day he does military funerals for Veterans in this area with the WAVP Color Guard. Dean moved to Waverly in 1972 and worked at United Hydraulics until it moved to Hampton. He then began working at Koehring Cranes, until he started his own insurance and real estate business in Waverly in 1985. Dean was united in marriage to his wife, Carol, at St. Mary’s church in 1977, and together, they’ve raised a family and made their home in Waverly.

Dean and Carol have committed their belief in the community through their own personal investments in Waverly. They have developed and own Mitchell Insurance Agency, as well as Dean Mitchell and Associates Realtors. Dean is a main-street business owner and a community leader with his finger on the pulse of local business. In 1995, Dean developed Barrick Road estates, a 40 home subdivision in Janesville. He understands the importance, need and balance in a community for organized growth, as well as tax base growth for the county. He has accomplished this by risking and investing his own money. Bremer County garners an additional tax base of approximately $3,200 per home from each construction in Barrick Road Estates.

Dean is a past Commander of AMVETS and Bar Board chairman. He’s a 20-year president of the Softball association, a licensed insurance and real estate agent, a real estate developer in Bremer County and a member of St. Mary’s church. He’s proven he’s a “believer” in Bremer County. His hobbies include Cubs baseball, 65 and older softball, working on old cars and landscaping.

Dean’s message is to educate the citizens of Bremer County as to the job detail of a supervisor and how their decisions can impact a tax-paying citizen’s life. Dean has long been loyal to Bremer County as an investor in our community by investing his own time and money. He was proud to serve our country and now asks your permission to serve our county. He deserves and has earned that chance. Vote for Dean Mitchell as our Bremer County Supervisor.

Feel free to contact Dean with questions or concerns. A call is welcomed at 319-242-2687.

J.D. Francis


Vote Kammeyer for District 1 Supervisor

To the Editor:

It is soon time for the citizens of District 1, Bremer County, to consider their choice for a particular candidate for the office of the Bremer County Board of Supervisors. I am talking about Ken Kammeyer who deserves to be re-elected.

Being a former supervisor myself, I had the opportunity to serve with Ken and saw firsthand his knowledge and grasp of the many issues that came before the board. Ken does his homework and acts upon his convictions in what he believes to be in the best interest for all the citizens of Bremer County.

Please join me in support of Ken Kammeyer for the office of District One Bremer County Board of Supervisors.

Gaylord Hinderaker


Waverly council made right decision

To the Editor:

I want to thank and congratulate five members of Waverly City Council for their support of a three-day window for fireworks related to the annual Fourth of July celebration in our city. This represents a good compromise and a common-sense solution.

I was a member of the council when this issue was first debated, with the decision being tabled until this year. It surprises me that the member who succeeded me on city council states that she has heard very little input in regard to regulating fireworks. My experience was quite the opposite (perhaps she is not listening to her constituents, or perhaps they don’t feel comfortable sharing their views with her).

I heard from citizens who were concerned about jittery nerves caused by the jarring effects of many days of prolonged noise due to fireworks; from those concerned for military veterans with post-traumatic (PTSD) symptoms; and from citizens, like my near neighbor, who were frantic because their pets could not handle the noise. (One constituent asked me, “What are we supposed to do? Take our animals and leave the state for two weeks?”)

In an ideal world we would have a total ban on fireworks within the city limits and leave such displays to authorized groups, such as those responsible for Heritage Days or the Bremer County Fair. A three-day window is probably the best we can get, and a vast improvement over two weeks of bombs bursting in air, such as we endured last year and this.

Again, thanks to the five members of Waverly City Council who have taken a sensible stand on behalf of the wider community.

Michael Sherer


GOP responses are part of re-election playbook

To the Editor:

The Republicans and President Trump resist and ridicule “face masks and social distancing” and criticize the health experts for advising them. Do they really want to stop this coronavirus, or do they care more about their re-election?

They know that no one enjoys wearing a face mask or staying away from their social places. They know they’ll be more favorable to voters if they don’t issue any burdensome mandates.

The Republicans and President Trump know they can win the election if they suppress the poor, Black and minority people from voting, because these are mostly Democrat voters. They’ve attacked voting by mail, gotten rid of mail boxes, cut the budget for voting machines and poll workers in poor, Black and minority areas.

Is it just coincidence the extreme record-breaking wildfires are in the far Western states that are more Democrat? When citizens are burned out of their homes and forced to relocate far away from their polling places (that were probably burned down, too), they’ve got so much misery goin on, they won’t be able to vote.

The Republicans say that “human-caused climate change” is just a “hoax” and has “nothing to do with the wildfires.” Does anyone wonder if there’s some kind of “undercover activity” causing the wildfires?

Trump and the Republicans can do anything, and the religionists will love them anyway, because they oppose birth control and abortion.

Herman Lenz


Wear masks to funerals

To the Editor:

I’ve noticed most funeral homes are “encouraging” attendees (strongly) to wear face masks and practice social distancing while attending services.

That’s pretty sound advice if implemented, after all, if you don’t adhere to those guidelines, the next funeral you attend could be your own.

Mike Leedom



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