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Thank you to my supporters

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the citizens of Waverly who supported my four years of service on City Council.

As my term of office draws to a close, I feel nothing but gratitude to citizens who encouraged me during these interesting past four years. I am pleased and proud to have been part of a great number of forward-looking accomplishments for our city.

And, as scores of you have indicated to me during the past 24 months, “During the past two years we have had one of the best city council’s in recent memory.”

A good part of that was due to civility and collegiality, something sadly lacking on the national political scene these days.

Special thanks to those who believed in me enough to support me during the recent election. Please stay connected, and especially please pay attention to what is going on at city hall. Make your views known. A lot is at stake.

Mike Sherer

Ward 4 City Councilman


Good Samaritan was a teenager?

To the Editor:

Yes, my opinion of today’s youth got a positive boost last week.

I needed a few items from Walmart last week. I parked close to the entrance and walking to it. I encountered my neighbor with his three children. I had a little chit chat about their Halloween, asked if any candy left and all that good stuff. Picked up my health care items and headed for the dairy case to get some whipping cream. Zipped through scan and go and out to the exit.

A little traffic jam distracted me with three ladies taking bags out of their carts and two people waiting to get carts. Finally out and crossing the yellow striped crosswalk to my car. I stopped suddenly… no car! It should be here, but no. I was looking around and I heard this voice.

“Sir, oh sir.” I turned to see this teenager approaching. She thought I looked confused and asked if she could help me. I confessed that I couldn’t find my car. After describing the color and make she advised me to stay put while she looked. She headed south which I felt was wrong because that was further away from the entrance, soon I heard a shout and saw a hand waving, she had found my car.

I joined her and sure enough there was my car. After six or so thank yous, I reached for my billfold to show my appreciation, but she refused to accept my offer. And then she was gone.

Her parents have my respect and admiration… you have taught her well. Thank you.

Dick Groth