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Racist fans need to be ejected, banned

To the Editor:

Charles City School District is discussing leaving the NE Iowa Conference, its home for more than 50 years. No way! We should be driving the bigots out of Iowa sports, not the kids who just want to play.

This discussion was sparked by an article filed by Waterloo-based reporter Amie Rivers on July 2, 2020. No one has contested the basic facts of her article: Spectators at a NEIC baseball game in Waverly IA repeatedly used racist taunts against a Charles City African-American high school player.

So, Waverly-Shell Rock school board, it’s been a month. Where’s the results of the investigation and, more importantly, where’s the action? In this age of Facebook and Twitter, probably the whole high school knows the names of the racists involved, especially since buffoons rarely shut up if left alone.

Read the by-laws of the IHSAA and the IGHSAU, which have specific regulations regarding taunting. “In all sports” it is forbidden. That means no racist taunts, no transphobic slurs, no homophobic or sexist chants. Umpires, referees and school officials are mandated to eject spectators, players or coaches who don’t respect the game and players. School boards can impose additional sanctions at their discretion.

Seems pretty clear. So, again, W-SR board, where are the ejections, the bans, the suspensions? If you want to play in the NEIC and Iowa sports, how will you guarantee respectful treatment of all student athletes? If you don’t take action, is your silence consent?

If the Waverly-Shell Rock baseball team wants to separate itself from the bigots and bozos who were at their game, they can take a group photo holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign and one that says “Play ball!” and post it on Facebook. If the school board isn’t willing to put their adult pants on, I’m hoping the team will.

Alan Rausch


Silence is Golden?

To the Editor:

No U.S.A. flag?

No National Anthem?

No respect?

No knee!

No fans!

No National Football League.

No Major League Baseball.

To the silent majority: Now is the time to wake up! Stand up! Speak up! Before your voice is permanently silenced!

Peggy Wilhelms

Shell Rock


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