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Are our fans ruining our community’s reputation?

To the Editor:

I’ve always been proud of the Waverly-Shell Rock schools, so I was shocked to read in (Thursday) morning’s Des Moines Register that a sportsmanship trophy has been given in the NEIC every year since 2008 and our school/community has always finished last in the standings! This suggests that the incident of racism at the recent W-SR baseball game with Charles City could have been predicted.

We obviously have a problem...a big problem, and it’s probably not new. For goodness sakes, the Register article reported that board members from New Hampton suggested Waverly be kicked out of the conference.

Enough already! This has gone national; our community is being besmirched by this nonsense. It seems obvious this is out of control and we need some leadership and fast.

William E. Hamm


Worth a second read

To the Editor:

Thanks to Larry Trachte (“True Greatness,” July 23) for reminding us of the great things Americans did — individually, collectively and governmentally — to help the defeated Germans get back on their feet after World War II. This generosity defined greatness and ushered in decades of friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

Sadly, some Americans today would call this “weakness.” Can you imagine a Trump regime treating a former enemy this compassionately?

Trachte’s words deserve a second reading.

Robert C. Gremmels



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