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Another fun couple was Jack and Betty whom we played bridge with once-a-month at either our place or theirs. Their home, a modest bungalow set in a middle-class neighborhood, drew lots of attention from all of Marshalltown. Betty had an off-beat passion for the color pink – an obsession in reality.

Both the inside and outside of their home was painted completely in pink. But it didn’t end there. Everything in their home was pink: carpet, drapes, furniture, appliances, dishes, towels – absolutely everything was the same shade of pink. Betty had even carried the monochromatic theme to herself: pink clothes, shoes, lipstick – and wouldn’t you know – she even died her hair pink. Then, too, a pink Cadillac gave her instant recognition whenever she drove around town. But Jack was exempt from pink mania and dressed in normal man colors and drove a blue Ford.

Betty reveled in being known as the “Pink Lady,” and was pleased whenever anyone raised the question. “Why?” We always looked forward to having Betty show off her latest pink acquisition

Another unforgettable couple whom we regularly had brunch with after church was Earl and Lillian. They were sophisticated in every respect: their manner, clothes, speech, auto, and home. Earl was a successful traveling salesman for an exclusive line of fashionable women’s clothing. He drove throughout the Midwest in his shiny black Cadillac giving private trunk shows at the homes of his wealthy clients. Earl was a charming man – more than enough to entice the flattered ladies into buying his stylish clothes which started at $1,000 for a dress, and went up from there. Lillian, who accompanied Earl on his trips, was a chic dresser. Tall, willowy, and dressed in one of Earl’s most expensive outfits, she looked like a model right out of an upscale fashion magazine.

Together Earl and Lillian were a knock-out couple. Their love and adoration for each other was striking. It was a joy to see them arm-in-arm or hand-in-hand with eyes only for each other. And when they sensuously touched or brushed against each other, it was a beautiful sight.

One Sunday we were invited for brunch at their luxurious home. They sat side-by-side on a loveseat beside their fireplace which warmly crackled while we sipped our coffee and munched on a Danish. We sat opposite them in a matching love seat separated by an enormous coffee table. The warmth of the moment was romantic and Earl and Lillian were a perfect picture of young lovers even though they were well into their forties. No doubt about it, they were the perfect couple.

John Culbertson is a Waverly native and has written a memoir called “Along the Way.” He can be reached at 319-483-5192.