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A week from today, the eligible voters within the Waverly-Shell Rock Community School District will take to the polls, if they haven’t already via absentee or satellite voting.

The single bond issue on the ballot is most definitely a contentious item of debate and discussion in our community at the present time. I see a plethora of information being presented on Facebook, on websites, mailers and in this very newspaper.

Across the country, we see thousands of school districts that struggle to keep their budget afloat often times due to decreasing enrollments. Fortunately for us here in Waverly, we are seeing growth in our community in many forms.

It was the full intent of the recent roll out of the Waverly Welcome Home campaign to invite individuals and families or all walks of life. This includes family with children and couples with plans to have children.

This invitation will stand for years to come and we must be able to accommodate our educational need. This may be through the proposed plan as written in the current bond measure on the ballot, or it may be in a future measure on the ballot.

The future of the school district’s facilities does rest in the hands of the voters. I only ask that in this final week leading up to the day of the election that everyone engage in dialogue that is respectful of everyone’s opinions.

In the city, we continue to move forward with budget proceedings for fiscal year ending 2022. We will be having the budget hearings over the course of the next few City Council business meetings. As always, if you have questions about the budget process, the City Council, City Staff and myself are always available to share what we know and help everyone to understand the processes and how decisions are made.

Until next month, remember: Spring is just around the corner.

Adam Hoffman is the mayor of Waverly. He can be reached at

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