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There are now two patients in northeast Iowa who have been confirmed by the Iowa Department of Public Health as being infected with measles. Both unvaccinated, the first contracted the disease while on a trip to Israel, and the second is a "household contact."

The Iowa Department of Public Health announced on Monday that the State Hygienic Lab discovered through testing a northeast Iowa resident has been infected with measles.

It was confirmed over the weekend that the unidentified patient was unvaccinated and had contracted the disease while in Israel. Reports are that measles is being actively transmitted in that Middle Eastern nation.

The individual has cooperated with public health officials. Public health officials are following up with potentially exposed persons to ensure they are vaccinated against measles; however, at this time there is no indication there is any threat to the public.

This is the first case of measles in Iowa since 2011, and serves as a reminder for all Iowans to ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. Vaccines prevent diseases and save lives.

Waverly Newspapers has interviewed Lindley Sharp and Chelsea Brase with the Bremer County Public Health Department on this matter. A video from the interview can be seen here.