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Network Control

Network Control will hold an open house on Sept. 12 at its new location at 215 20th St. NW in Waverly.

Network Control invites the community to tour its new office at an open house Thursday, Sept. 12, 5-7 p.m. at 215 20th St. NW in Waverly.

The expanded headquarters provide the Network Control Operations team with improved, state-of-the-art work space to facilitate internal and external collaboration and communication, while ensuring the company has additional room for growth.

In addition to expanded office space, the new facility features a large kitchen and workout area, new mothers’ feeding room, fully interactive break room and expanded office and open-office concepts.

“We were in our current office for over 13 years and had totally outgrown the facilities,” said Mark Hearn, president and CEO of Network Control. “In order to meet our current and planned growth we needed a much larger facility, one that can grow with us. We are very pleased and happy with the much-expanded facility with all the modern amenities while remaining in Waverly, as we have such strong roots in the community.”

The extensive build-out and construction were performed by Modern Design Architects & Modern Builders in Janesville to create a state of the art office facility with all necessary amenities to provide the Network Control team with a great office environment and workplace.