Meeting political candidates for a few moments after a stump speech is one of the benefits I enjoy as a community journalist.

There's a lot of telling dynamics that transpire when a community journalist asks a campaign for a few minutes with their candidate.

In the limited time I spend asking a couple of questions in one-on-one, I believe can glean a lot of insight into the workings of the campaigns and the sincerity of the candidate. Some campaigns are very restrictive, others dismissive, but many grant the access as they understand what a special place a local newspaper occupies in the heart of an Iowa community.

Since March 6, 1856, when the first issue of the Waverly Republican was published, Waverly has been loyal to its local paper, now a twice-weekly publication with two mastheads-- The Bremer County Independent and The Waverly Democrat.

In the last 16 years, I have been at the helm of what is collectively known as Waverly Newspapers, and in my capacity as the editor I have met a lot of candidates. Today, it was Mayor Pete.

After he stumped in front of a packed house at the Waverly-Shell Rock High School in Waverly on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 3, in his first visit to Waverly Mayor Pete spoke with me about the reception he received and how he sees his role in the White House.

In his remarks and in his responses to questions from the audience, Buttigieg pledged that on the first day of his presidency he would "pick up the pieces" and united the country through shared values.