A Bremer County, Iowa, town showed its graduating seniors appreciation with a special parade on the very day the school had scheduled the school dance in pre-coronavirus times.

A lot has changed for Class 2020, as it has for the world, as school was canceled and new rules, like self isolation and social distancing were put in place to help curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Janesville, the heart of America, school pride is synonymous with home pride. If restrictions are lifted, the school plans a proper school dance later in the summer, but graduation, the ceremony marking the students' entry into adulthood, may end up being a virtual event.

Whether life returns to pre-Covid normal at the end of the summer or much later, and whether the Class of 2020 gets to experience it in its traditional form or ends up with new memories only, prom 2020, on April25, will forever be a day to remember.