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Peace United Church of Christ, 1800 11th St. SE in Waverly, will hold its annual scrap metal drive from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, July 13, in the church’s parking lot.

The church is working with Alter Trading Corporation to collect the following metal items to recycle:

Auto rims, air conditioning condensers, appliance cords, holiday lights, auto rotors and drums, bakery trays and carts, barrels, bed frames, bicycles, brake linings, buckets, empty bullet shells, bumpers, cabinets, canisters, canoes and boats, cans, cast aluminum, chain link fence, chairs and furniture, chimes, chimney pipe, condensers and radiators, copper sheet, crutches and walkers, doors without glass, downspouts, drill bits, electrical wires and cords, fan blades, fence pipe, fenders and hoods, figurines, flag poles, frying pans, grills, heater cores, hubcaps, ladders, lawn furniture, lawnmowers with the fluids drained, litho plate, lockers, metal tables, motor housings, nails, ornamental fencing, outboard motors, pipes, plates, plumbing pipes, posts, pots and pans, radiators, romex wiring, roofing and gutters, serving trays, shocks, shovels and rakes, siding, signs, sinks, snow blowers with fluids drained, swing sets, telephone cable, tools, toys, T-posts, trailers without tires, transmissions, tubs, turnings and shavings, waffle irons, wagons, window blinds, window weights, window frames without glass and wires.

Other miscellaneous items include auto batteries, carbide bits, carbide shanks, catalytic converters, electric motors, lead pipes and wheels, weights and padlocks and keys.

The church will not accept the following: Appliances; products with PCBs, asbestos or anything containing asbestos; gasoline tanks, oil filters of any kind and engine blocks containing free-flowing liquids; tanks, vessels and containers unless certified clean; airbag canisters; propane or LP gas tanks; railroad scrap or sewer covers unless accompanied with ownership documentation; radioactive or explosive materials or containers; TVs, laptops, monitors, microwaves or light bulbs; waste elementary mercury, including mercury switches; compressed gas cylinders including propane bottles unless cut in half; oils, petroleum products, hazardous materials, cutting liquids, oil sludge or other contaminants; and alkaline batteries of any size.

If there are those who cannot deliver their metal to the church, pick-up is available. Contact Frank Wilkens at 319-230-5814 to make arrangements.

Funds collected will be used toward a July mission trip.