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WAVERLY – Waverly-Shell Rock freshman Sydney Bochman placed fifth overall at the Jesup Invitational on Tuesday at the Jesup Golf Course.

Bochmann crossed the finish line in 20 minutes, 15.8 seconds.

The Go-Hawks placed sixth as a team with 195 points.

“The team ran great,” W-SR girls head coach Jason Milke said. “Sydney stepped up to the challenge and well as our first runner, (and Kyla) Foy continues to push the pace.

“We have a great pack of girls with (Ali) Christensen, (Brenna) Bodensteiner, (Cece) Jerome, (Ramey) Dahlquist and (Carly) Steiert that are continuing to push each other.”

W-SR senior Emma Hoins, who had won the first four meets to open the season, did not compete Tuesday. Hoins is ranked No. 11 in Class 3A.

“With Emma, as a staff, we looked at some options and decided on having her train instead of competing was the best option as we look forward,” Milke said.

Denver junior Chloe Ristau, who is ranked No. 8 in Class 2A by the Iowa Association of Track Coaches, finished sixth in 20:17.4. Sophomore teammate Amber Homan placed seventh (20:20.3).

The Cyclones placed fifth in the team competition at 181.

“Jesup is always one of my favorite meets because of the level of competition it brings,” Denver coach Sandy Sabelka said. “I was more than pleased with how our kids ran.

“This meet really puts our runners to the test as we prepare for conference and districts coming up.”

Jesup won the team title at 110. Lansing Kee junior Haley Meyer took first in the individual race (19:06.2).

Wapsie Valley freshman Ava VanDaele placed 22nd (21:20.7). The Warriors finished 17th as a team with 363 points.

W-SR junior Andrew Cummer, who is ranked No. 19 in Class 3A, placed 10th (17:27.8). The Go-Hawks took fourth as a team with 129 points.

The Go-Hawks were without junior Nick Kepford, who is ranked No. 25 in Class 3A, due to injury, and senior Ethyn Chesnut was not feeling 100%, according to head coach Kevin Kueker.

“I was very proud of how the guys competed (Tuesday) with some adversity,” the coach said. “... Crunching the numbers with those guys healthy, I think we would’ve competed well with the talented teams from CP-U and Denver.

“(Jack) Beam and (Zac) Birgen really closed the gap with our front pack running well. I’m excited to see what they can do over the next month.”

Center Point-Urbana won the boys team title with 73 points. Stormin’ Pointers junior Eli Larson, who is No. 6 in Class 3A, won the individual title (16:07.8).

Denver finished second as a team with 89 points. Senior Aiden Dolan placed 12th (17:32.8), while senior Josh Terrill wound up 14th (17:39.7). Seniors Alex Krabbenhoft (17:47.7) and Alex Larson (17:48.4) placed 16th and 17th, respectively.

Tripoli sophomore Giles Cowell placed 43rd (18:34.8). The Panthers did not qualify as a team.

Wapsie Valley senior Josiah Rulapaugh finished 115th (20:43.5). The Warriors did not qualify as a team.



at Jesup Golf Course


Team Scores

1. Jesup 65, 2. Benton Community 143, 3. Dike-New Hartford 150, 4. Starmont 174, 5. Denver 181, 6. Waverly-Shell Rock 195, 7. North Linn 195, 8. Newman Catholic 227, 9. Center Point-Urbana 238, 10. Aplington-Parkersburg 261, 11. Lansing Kee 271, 12. North Fayette Valley 297, 13. Central Community 320, 14. MFL-Mar-Mac 331, 15. Union La Porte City 355, 16. Oelwein 356, 17. Wapsie Valley 363, 18. New Hampton 424, 19. Independence 428, 20. Grundy Center/Gladbrook-Reinbeck 478.

Top 10 individuals

1. Meyer, Lansing Kee, 19:06.2; 2. Treptow, Jesup, 19:38.7; 3. Wright, Jesup, 19:52.8; 4. Wheatley, North Linn, 20:07.8; 5. Bochmann, W-SR, 20:15.8; 6. Ristau, Denver, 20:17.4; 7. Homan, Denver, 20:20.3; 8. Katcher, CP-U, 20:21.8; 9. Houts, Dike-New Hartford, 20:23.7; 10. Lyons, Benton, 20:49.5.

Other Denver results: Even 35th (21:43.1), Herbst 57th (22:20.4), Dunkin 76th (23:11.3), Ki. Cortelyou 109th (25:05.4), Ke. Cortelyou 119th (25:38.8).

Other Wapsie Valley results: Martin 37th (21:45.4), Schmit 80th (23:29.1), M. Bodensteiner 112th (25:15.7), Schwickerath 121st (25:52.8).

Other W-SR results: Foy 24th (21:26.7), Christensen 53rd (22:16.3), B. Bodensteiner 54th (22:16.5), Jerome 59th (22:34.9), Dahlquist 62nd (22:39.1), Steiert 107th (24:54.6).


Team Scores


1. Center Point-Urbana 73, 2. Denver 89, 3. North Fayette Valley 117, 4. Waverly-Shell Rock 129, 5. Maquoketa Valley 156, 6. Grundy Center/Gladbrook-Reinbeck 162, 7. Jesup 194, 8. Newman Catholic 210, 10. Dike-New Hartford 257, 11. Oelwein 281, 12. Benton Community 285, 13. Starmont 302, 14. Isaac Newton Christian Academy 402, 15. Alburnett 421, 16. Independence 458, 17. Union La Porte City 477, 18. Aplington-Parkersburg 523, 19. Dunkerton 530, 20. MFL-Mar-Mac 534.

Top 10 individuals

1. Larson, CP-U, 16:07.8; 2. Post, CP-U, 16:09.7; 3. Bach, CP-U, 16:35.9; 4. Huber, Maquoketa Valley, 17:04.5; 5. Usher, New Hampton, 17:16.2; 6. Day, Grundy Center/Gladbrook-Reinbeck 17:18.6; 7. Ries, Maquoketa Valley, 17:19; 8. Halverson, North Fayette Valley, 17:20; 9. Hayes, Starmont, 17:23; 10. Cummer, W-SR, 17:27.8.

Other Denver results: Matthias 30th (18:09), Fober 36th (18:14.7), Schwandt 62nd (19:12.5).

Other Tripoli results: Wright 102nd (20:21.7), Bruns 131st (21:35.6).

Other Wapsie Valley results: C. Bram 129th (21:25.5), G. Bram 145th (22:36.4), Wilcox 156th (26:57.6).

Other W-SR results: Hoins 24th (18:00.1), Kueker 25th (18:01.7), Chesnut 26th (18:01.7), Birgen 47th (18:39.6), Beam 48th (18:44.5).