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Haley Eckerman

Haley Eckerman answers questions during W-SR volleyball practice on Thursday in Waverly.

Welcome back to Quick Hits, a Q&A with a local high school athlete.

On Thursday, we caught up with W-SR senior and volleyball captain Haley Eckerman ahead of the Go-Hawks' trip to the Class 4A state tournament, beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids against West Delaware. 

Waverly Newspapers: What's your favorite volleyball memory?

Haley Eckerman: There are so many. When we went to Iowa State for one of the volleyball camps we did, we beat West Delaware there, so that was fun. And we went to a pool, so we just had the team bonding experience. 

WN: What's your favorite hobby?

HE: I'm in the band. I love playing my french horn. 

WN: Who's the best dancer on the team?

HE: Jaz (Westmoreland). Without a question. Or (Avery) Beckett. 

WN: Favorite TV show?

HE: "Our Planet."

WN: Favorite movie?

HE: Probably "Beauty and the Beast." The new one. 

WN: Favorite food?

HE: Potatoes. 

WN: Prepared which way?

HE: Mashed. 

WN: Do you or does the team have a ritual before volleyball matches? 

HE: So, I know all of us right before the game, we have our handshakes. And then we also do our cheers in the hallway before the games, so that gets us really hyped up and ready to play. We have seven or so. 

WN: Favorite pre-match meal?

HE: Breakfast. We have breakfast. That is the best.

WN: Favorite school subject?

HE: Band.

WN: Least favorite?

HE: Well, I don't really have a least favorite, but my hardest is AP Bio. 

WN: You can listen to one song for the rest of your life. What's it going to be?

HE: I listen to classical music, so I'd probably say November by Max Richter. 

WN: Would you rather be trapped in a small room with 10,000 tarantulas for 10 minutes, or eat 10 tarantulas in 10 minutes?

HE: I have a fear of spiders, so is there a neither option? I'd probably eat them.