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105 in 65

A radar readout shows the white car in the background was caught going 105 mph in a 65mph zone on Sunday.

The Bremer County Sheriff’s Office posted a picture on Sunday afternoon of a traffic stop where the driver was going an excessive amount of speed.

The photo shows a white Volkswagen with what looks like North Carolina license plates pulled over on the side of U.S. Highway 63 south of Iowa Highway 188 with the radar readout in the foreground reading 105 mph. In the post, the deputy questions the excuse the driver gave.

“(One hundred five) because you need to get the rental car back by 6 p.m.?” the post started. “The gas bill driving that fast will be the same as the late fee not to mention the Uber bills when you lose your license. No good excuses driving at these speeds.”

According to, the scheduled fine is $100 plus $5 for every mile per hour exceeding 20 mph over the speed limit, plus a 35% surcharge and court costs. So, in this case, the total could be as much as $330.

As of Monday afternoon, the post got nearly 450 reactions, which includes nearly 170 likes, 190 “Wows” and 80 “Hahas.” There were also 53 comments, and it was shared 35 times.