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Once in a while, stories of lost items have a happy ending.

And a twist that elevates the mundane into the realm of the mysterious.

Take for instance the unbelievable but true story of Ray Schmuecker, the 93-year-old Petersburg, Iowa, man who learned earlier this January that his diamond-inlaid wedding ring, lost 40 years ago, ended up being discovered on the top of the engine of his 1972 Oldsmobile by the car’s new owner, Will Frye.

Well, Waverly may have a lost wedding band mystery of its own.

What we know so far is just the beginning: A good Samaritan happened to find a wedding band in Hy-Vee’s parking lot in town.

It was Nov. 19, and it was not clear if the ring had been lost that day or at an earlier date.

The band, which has inlaid diamonds, and engraved initials, has been in the store’s custody since, but no one has claimed it.

It is possible that the wedding band’s owner does not recall where they may have lost it.

But the store’s accountant, Cindy Flowers, in whose care the ring has been, says she hopes the owner is reunited with the item, sooner rather than later.

She did not want to describe the band in detail or have a full picture taken of it for the newspaper story because she wanted to maintain the integrity of the process.

She wondered if the owner was a local person or perhaps just visiting Waverly for Thanksgiving.

The band, which was reviewed by this writer, appeared to be of notable quality.

Cindy said retailers selling that brand of ring are within at least a 50-miles radius of Waverly.

Asked if this is the most expensive item that had been found in the store’s parking lot, she said that other, more costly items, and even cash, have been found in the parking lot, but their owners have claimed them fairly quickly.

She said Waverly is a good town, and a lot of caring and honest people live here, so it is not really surprising that the person who found the ring brought it into the store right away.

“Actually, around this town, it happens quite a bit,” she said.

So how this particular story, about this particular ring will end up is not clear for now.

“We hope to reunite the owner with this, especially before Valentine’s Day,” Cindy said.