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Cats and cans

Waverly Pet Rescue will no longer collect beverage cans and bottles.

Waverly Pet Rescue has discontinued our Can and Bottle Redemption Fundraiser effective May 19.

We will no longer collect cans and bottles in bins at Norby’s and Walgreens in Waverly. We have donated our bins to another local non-profit so our bins will no longer be at Norby’s and Walgreens. Please do not leave cans and bottles at Norby’s or Walgreens anymore. Please do find other bins in the area that you can donate your redeemable cans and bottles to.

We would like to thank everyone that has ever donated their cans and bottles to Waverly Pet Rescue! The money raised with this fundraiser helped us to pay vet bills for many animals in our care.

We would like to thank Norby’s and Walgreens for allowing us to have these bins on their property. We appreciate that you did this to help us help animals.

To see our other fundraisers and adoptable cats and dogs, please go to our website: