Many people can benefit from more exercise. But after a long day at work and tending to obligations at home, making time for exercise can be an uphill battle. Come nighttime, there may be little energy or time left to be active. However, failure to engage in regular physical activity can be detrimental to one’s health.

A 2017 study from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimated that 792 million people across the globe lived with a mental health disorder. If that figure is startling, it’s likely even greater as a result of the pandemic.

To draw attention to the “Just Breathe” series of 20-Minute Takeaways, Erin Hildebrand found the perfect picture to illustrate how she and her colleagues were feeling.

Stress can affect anyone at any time. Men, women and even children experience stress, which can be triggered by professional, personal and social pressures.

The Last week of the Lift Project is titled “Giving is Living.” Giving is mostly thought of in terms of material gifts, goods and services that we give to others. While it is so important to give things to others less fortunate than ourselves, it is also vital to give from within the things we cannot put in a box.