COVID-19 weekly case counts by age group for 7-days ending Oct. 12.

For the first time in weeks, the number of new COVID-19 cases in Fayette County has dropped, but the majority of those are among the younger population.

In the seven days ending Tuesday, 66 COVID-19 tests for Fayette County residents returned positive readings, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health’s weekly update.

The seven-day totals have been trending up since early September, going from 69 on Sept. 14 to 97 on Oct. 5.

The 0-17 age group continued to experience the most infections in the county at 26%, with 18-29 at 11% and 30-39 at 20%.

This week’s 14-day total as of Tuesday was 173, which is equivalent to the case loads in mid-January.

The case totals ticked up in Buchanan County, with 82 positive tests over seven days reported. Last week’s total was 80. The 0-17 age group accounted for 30% of this week’s total.