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INDEPENDENCE – Each Tuesday in May, Independence Fareway shoppers have a chance to win a pack of T-bone steaks and dairy bundle, courtesy of Buchanan County Farm Bureau, Buchanan County Cattlemen and Buchanan County Dairy Producers.

“T-bone Tuesday” helps celebrate local farmers and the real foods they raise. Customers can enter the drawing by visiting the Independence Fareway meat counter. One winner will be contacted each week to claim their T-bones and a dairy bundle which includes one gallon of milk, one pound of butter, a one-pound block of cheese and one pound of shredded cheese.

“I was excited when I was presented the idea of “T-Bone” Tuesday.” said Abby Wiley, Fareway’s meat department manager. “I think it is a wonderful way to promote Fareway along with Buchanan County Farm Bureau, Buchanan County Cattlemen and Buchanan County Dairy Producers.”

Animal-based foods, like beef and dairy, contain natural sources of vitamins and minerals that support brain function and immune health. Compared to other imitation products, real meat and dairy provide all the essential amino acids our bodies need to better absorb these nutrients and protein to live a healthy lifestyle.

“Farmers like me are proud to raise a wholesome, nutritious product for families to enjoy. But I know people expect more,” says Jared Kelly, local cattle farmer. “Protecting the environment and giving animals the best life are values we all share. Every time someone purchases a real meat or dairy product, they’re putting trust in a farmer like me to have done just that. It means a lot.”

Follow the Buchanan County Farm Bureau Facebook page for weekly T-Bone Tuesday and dairy bundle winner announcements and to learn more about the local farmers raising sustainable beef and dairy foods.

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