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WAVERLY – The Dick Pollitt Go-Hawk Classic is a unique meet, and essentially creates four championships out of two separate races for both genders. They run the freshmen and sophomores as one race, and the juniors and seniors as another.

“This setup forces us to practice competing and gets us out of our comfort zone due to many of our runners not having their typical teammates next to them,” said Jesup Head Coach Nick Green. “Looking at the results on our end, we saw a handful of season-best times, and others that were so-so.”

In the ninth grade race, Jesup would finish fifth as a team. In the 10th grade race, they finished 10th. Freshman Mackenzie Wilson placed third with a time of 20:54.09. Wilson is now ranked 10th in Class 2A by the Iowa Track Coaches Association.

Other area results from the frosh-soph girls’ race:

43. RESSLER, Reaghan FR Independence 24:28.51

47. ALBERT, Mckenna SO Jesup 25:03.59

53. NESBIT, Olivia FR Jesup 25:26.64

65. WEHRSPANN, Lydia SO Jesup 27 26:08.76

77. TREBON-BOYD, Amaya FR Jesup 26:49.32

85. TOALE, Gabby SO Independence 27:15.08

92. BOSE, Peyton FR Jesup 27:41.78

98. SCHUTTE, Karlie FR Jesup 28:02.37

100. THORSON, Camille SO Jesup 28:27.85

103. ZELLE, Katelyn FR Jesup 28:59.47

128. BEHN, Sage FR Jesup 32:28.98

135. KREMER, Elizabeth FR Independence 33:41.90

136. SCHUG, Kaitlyn SO Jesup 33:52.88

140. KANE, Kelley SO Jesup 35:33.74

Other area results from the frosh-soph boys’ race:

17. GONZALEZ, Ayden SO Jesup 19:26.76

32. PINT, Nathan FR Jesup 20:16.08

38. NOLAN, Tyler SO Jesup 20:44.13

52. WIELAND, Tyler FR Independence 21:07.90

71. CALAHAN, Ethan FR Independence 21:54.41

79. WILCOX, Ethan FR Independence 222:15.09

80. NUEHRING, Karsten FR Jesup 22:17.70

84. GATES, Blake SO Independence 22:33.51

86. HOMAN, Carter SO Independence 22:42.05

130. HANSEN, William FR Independence 25:51.46

132. JUSTASON, Kyle SO Independence 25:58.61

142. POST, Cael FR Independence 28:30.24

In the 11th-12th grade girls’ race, Jesup senior Amanda Treptow placed fifth overall with a time of 20:13.85. Treptow is ranked No. 11 in Class 2A by the Iowa Track Coaches Association.

In the 11th-12th grade boys’ race, Jesup senior Kile Rottinghaus led the way for the J-Hawks, placing 12th overall with a time of 17:52.59. Senior Nolan Evans of Jesup finished 14th overall with a time of 18:01.28. Evans is currently ranked No. 18 in Class 2A by the Iowa Track Coaches Association.

Other area results for the junior-senior girls’ race:

22. O’CONNOR, Natalie SR Jesup 22:51.56

26. TOMSON, Maddie SR Jesup 23:11.93

29. LARSON, Alyssa SR Independence 23:22.44

42. VANDERWERF, Alexis SR Jesup 24:14.36

47. THOMA, Sydney SR Jesup 24:35.82

67. RESSLER, Bella JR Independence 25:49.60

108. MARTIN, Ashlyn SR Independence 28:56.95

118. SMITH, Laura SR Independence 29:20.39

127. TOULOUSE, Maddie SR Independence 30:06.16

Other area results for the junior-senior boys’ race:

36 ZUCK, Logan SR Jesup 18:46.56

57. WIELAND, Kale JR Independence 19:46.90

61. KRIENS, Cameron SR Independence 20:09.77

67. HANSEN, Robert SR Independence 20:29.09

76. WEHRSPAN, Silas SR Jesup 20:47.09

93. STRAW, Carter JR Independence 21:26.33

101. TUDOR, Matt SR Independence 21:44.95

109. HIROHARA, Yoshito JR Independence 22:04.44

120. THOMA, Jack SR Jesup 22:59.42

125 PERRY, Will JR Independence 23:22.68

“This race was our third race in one week’s time, which is a lot,” added Coach Green. “This was the heaviest part of our season, and we are looking forward to getting back to one meet a week and getting a little sharper as the season continues.”

Jesup girls are currently ranked No. 4 in Class 2A, by IATC and the boys are ranked No. 13. And currently Jesup has four individuals ranked in class 2A. Also ranked, but not running in this meet, is sophomore Clare Wright, who is currently ranked No. 13 in Class 2A by the Iowa Track Coaches Association.

“Our girls’ top three I think is the most talented top three in the state,” said Green. “We have seen Mackenzie lead the way, Amanda lead the way, and Clare finishing second or third, depending on the night. As we progress through the year, I see those three interchanging multiple times and helping us get back to the state meet.”

Coach Green also added that Nolan Evans is currently ranked and has been running extremely well.

“He has big goals this year, and it will be exciting to see him close in on them,” said Green.

The Jesup boys’ and girls’ teams will run today (Saturday) at the Monticello Invitational. The Independence girls will run at the Benton Cross Country Invitational.

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