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Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support in favor of Brad Bleichner for Mayor of Independence. When my wife Marnie and I decided to move our family 10 years ago to be closer to work, Independence was an easy decision. We were impressed with the local community and the many opportunities Independence provided. While I could list off many highly visible projects happening at time, including a new High School, a planned hospital expansion, discussion of a new aquatic center and a newer public library, what impressed us most were the people of Independence. The sense of a community all working together to plan and build a better future.

I met Brad and his wife Robin shortly after they moved to Independence several years ago. Despite us having differing opinions on some national policies and issues, we quickly become close friends. You see, Brad loves to learn and be challenged. He is not one to have a rigid or singular view, rather he wants to know what you think and why. I continue to be impressed with his willingness to respectively listen to all viewpoints, including opposing ones, and his openness to new views and thoughts. In addition, he readily accepts challenges and has an eagerness to champion causes and efforts for the good of the community. He is truly the rare unselfish individual who puts his own interests behind those of the community.

I have observed Brad serving the community in many capacities, from helping out at Brew-B-Que, to volunteering on the Community Foundation, to stepping in to serve on the Independence School Board to lending assistance and support to many local causes. He is always one of the first to volunteer and lend a hand. Like everyone in the community, I was devastated by the sudden loss of Bob Hill and his leadership. I believe Brad is best suited to build on Bob’s initiatives and continue to move Independence forward. Please join me and my family in supporting Brad Bleichner for our local Mayor!

Mitchell Barnett


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