According to FOX Business, on Sunday, May 14, approximately 122 million phone calls would be made. More than any other day because moms all over the world would wake up to a day dedicated to them.

Here in Buchanan County, moms from all walks of life planned to be celebrated in numerous different ways.

Two moms Marge Weber, a mother of six children all between the ages of 50 and 33 years old, and her daughter Tracy Curtis, a Starmont teacher and mother of three girls and one son, can often be found in Jesup together. According to these two mothers, Mother’s Day in 2023 would be just like any other day because of their busy schedule.

“Previous Mother’s Days myself and my daughters would go to the greenhouse in Westgate and get some flowers then go home and plant some of them,” said Weber. “This Mother’s Day will be different; I have a granddaughter graduating so we will be going to church with her then she has her graduation commencement that afternoon so there will probably be no flower buying that day.”

According to Curtis, the celebratory day would also follow that same kind of schedule.

“A lot of times Mother’s Day is filled with spending some time with the family, but for me, this year will be very routine,” said Curtis. “We take care of my kids and go to their activities and go to the activities of my nieces and nephews. We are usually busy with those types of things and this year my husband will be in the field too.”

Even though this year’s Mother’s Day will be less focused on them, both mothers say that every day is rewarding when you are a mom.

“Being a mom has been very busy, but very rewarding to me because I get to be a teacher as well, so I am with them at school, and I get to see them grow up more,” said Curtis. “I sent the first off to college this year which has been kinda tough. The biggest happiness you have as a mother is seeing your kids happy, that fulfills everything. You don’t know how heavy a heart can get until you see your kids struggle. Mothers often have a heavy heart and wear that with their kids.”

Weber echoed those same sentiments, citing that every day is important, when you don’t have a mom anymore, things change.

“I agree with that very much,” said Weber. “It is about spending time with your family because once your mom is not here no more it is a different way of talking to her but knowing that she is here with you though, that no matter what she is always there.”

The two mothers went on to share that Mother’s Day is also a day for mothers to reflect and be thankful.

“Mother’s Day for mothers should be about being thankful for what you have and just remembering that,” said Curtis. “Some people aren’t as lucky. They have had heartaches and I count my blessings for the family that I do have, my kids and then my brothers and sisters and us, we have been very blessed very healthy, and we were raised to be responsible kids. We grew up in a very loving home and I wish everyone had that. Family is so important.”

Weber solidified that though adding that God gave mothers a special cross to carry.

“Just be thankful that you are a mom,” said Weber “It is not always easy, but we need to be very thankful, some women are not able to be moms and those that are needed to be thankful by carrying the cross that God has given us to be mothers.”

Holly Creveling, another mother of Buchannan County, is a mother of one 15-year-old, a 13-year-old, and a 7-year-old, and can be found working Saturdays at Fabulous Fridays on Main Street in Independence.

Creveling says that her family does not have a lot of traditions on Mother’s Day, not because they are too busy but because it is a day to relax.

“We don’t have a lot of traditions mostly because on Sundays I am usually in the church choir and sometimes I am not,” said Creveling. “So, it really depends on how that goes. If I don’t have to get up early for church, then sometimes my kids will bring me toast and breakfast in bed or something. I have gotten cereal in bed before which was nice but that was when they were a little too young to be using the stove. Other than that, we get up and go to church and then we just relax for most of the day.”

As for gifts, Creveling says she is hoping for her children giver her something homemade.

“For me I prefer that because my kids are younger, they make the gift,” said Creveling. “So, if they make me a card or if they write something to me because it is more fun to have those memories when they are younger, like now for me I get my mother something that she can have and that I bought btu for my kids I want something handmade that is from the heart and can be a memory for me to have.”

Creveling recounts, that her favorite memory on Mother’s Day was from years ago when her children made her breakfast in bed for the first time.

I think my favorite memory from Mother’s Day was when I did get breakfast in bed the first time,” said Creveling. “It was cereal, toast, and I think orange juice. It was Froot Loop cereal and I know that sounds silly, but it was just that they thought to do it, and they brought me it on a tray and everything. That is probably my favorite just because they thought of me.”

According to Creveling the best gift to give a mom on Mother’s Day is to take something off of her plate.

“For Mother’s Day I definitely suggest taking something off of mom’s plate,” said Creveling. “If she always does the laundry, do laundry for the day. If she always is cooking cook her lunch or take her out for lunch or supper. Just take something off of her plate without her having to tell you or without having to ask her. Just do something for her that on any given day not just Sunday you are used to seeing her do.”

To all the moms, Creveling offers her advice.

“Take it one day at a time,” she said. “It is hard being a mom and it is hard being a parent in general, but moms always have that mentality that you have to meet these standards brought up against them. It is impossible to live up to that. In anybody’s world. Take it one day at a time, know that there will be some bumps in the road but don’t let them get you down.”