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Cecily Corkery

Cecily Corkery, CPA

INDEPENDENCE – Ridihalgh, Fuelling, Snitker, Weber & Co. (RFSW) recently announced employee Cecily Corkery is now “duly authorized to practice in the State of Iowa as a Certified Public Accountant.”

Corkery is the daughter of Rob and Corrine Corkery, and grew up in rural Rowley. She ranked second in the Independence Class of 2015. During high school, she participated in FFA (treasurer her junior and senior years, the chapter’s first two years); president of National Honor Society; played basketball, soccer, and softball; and ran cross country.

She matriculated at Iowa State University and Hawkeye Community College before graduating cum laude from the University of Northern Iowa in the fall of 2019. Corkery has worked at RFSW for a year as a staff accountant.

“Now I will hold the title of CPA or senior accountant,” she said.

Corkery wanted to be a CPA because math was always easy for her.

“It made sense, there was no shades of gray in math, there was always one right answer,” she said. “When I discovered accounting was the same way – things always had to be in balance – it was a natural transition. I thought if I was going to go be an accountant, I might as well try and sit for the CPA exams. When it came down to it, I was more passionate about passing than I ever intended to be. The tests were also harder than I thought. It also probably helped that my mom is an accountant, so I was exposed to the analytical mindset early.”

Corkery advises anyone interested in accounting should “jump into it and try it.”

She added, “It sounds intimidating but if you have an analytical mind it’s fun and satisfying to see how everything has to tie together and always balances. If you don’t balance, you get to play a fun, or maybe not so fun, game of hunting for where the mistake might be. Accounting is an amazing thing because it helps really all aspects of business. No marketing works without accounting information, it’s hard to invest if you don’t know your financials, and so on. There are so many directions you can go with an accounting degree, the possibilities are pretty endless. Even if your interest resides outside of just accounting, it pairs great with anything in the business field, because it really is the best way to understand the inner workings of any business.”

Corkery may be contacted at 319-334-4211 at the Independence RFSW office, located at 819 1st Street E.

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