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Who could interpret the “writing on the wall” better than those who have watched it being written? Those who have lived the experience of the “writing” are the immigrants being bused into all parts of this country. They are meant to cement Democrat power when the present leaders can manage the scheme of allowing them to vote.

There are probably enough strangers right now (dropped off in the night) to turn every state into a BLUE voting one. But have you heard of the best laid plans of mice and men, how they sometimes go awry?

In some countries, immigrants were offered free things and the promise of paradise. But after they supported a “liberation” there, and their new leaders had gotten the power they craved, the common man’s protections were confiscated, and they became slaves.

Immigrants today would be the first to see America slipping in words and deeds into the ways they may have come from and knowing how the handwriting on the wall ends up, they just may vote against the Democrats for the sake of freedom. What human, having endangered his life for freedom, would be so gullible, for all the free stuff in this world, to give freedom up twice?

It’s sad that the Democrat Party was picked as a cover for some renegades. It’s also sad that too many in the Republican Party are there just for an easy life. Both varieties should be voted out of power before we, constitutional Americans, are foreigners in our own land.

Although it is better and respectful of our sovereignty to be welcomed at the front gate, the strangers flooding our country just may upset the plans of the lawless “mice and men” despite their scheme of everlasting dominance over the human species.

Rosemary Weydert


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