INDEPENDENCE – On his first time competing, Rod Schares, owner of Arctic Seal, won a National Spray Foam Competition in Daytona Beach, Florida last month.

After being narrowed down from ten sprayers from across the world, he took the Closed Cell competition at the SprayFoam 2023 Convention and Expo.

Participants of the competition were chosen by photos submitted of their work in both Open and Closed Cell Foam Installation. Arctic Seal specializes in Closed Cell Foam. At the Expo each participant was “live and in person” in front of a crowd installing the spray foam. Each participant was given a number so the judges knew no names and they were not allowed to watch the competitors. The judges made their decision based on consistency and overall appearance. Participants were not able to adjust any settings already set for all participants and were not able to use a depth gauge for the install. They were given a 2.5” depth to adhere to and were not allowed to use any form of depth gauge to ensure accuracy. It all came down to who was able to offer the best quality work.

Being named Champion, many prizes were awarded such as spray foam equipment, materials and yearly memberships to a few of the Spray Foam Industries top supporters.

“I’m just doing what I do every day to give our customers the BEST,” Rod said after winning.

“Rod is the most humble man I have ever met,” said his wife Angie. “When he won the award (son) Wyatt and I were in tears because we knew he deserved this. Rod just said, ‘Guys, this is what I do on a daily basis for our customers.’ I couldn’t ask for a more amazing man in my life.”

Rod began working for Arctic Seal in 1995, when he graduated from High School. In 2007 he began the buyout process of Arctic Seal. Dennis Kayser was the former owner when it was located in Jesup. Everyone will recall seeing the igloo building on Baxter Avenue.

A year before the buyout was complete Dennis Kayser passed away after battling brain cancer. Rod continued the business and completed the purchase of the company. He recently relocated the business to Independence.

“If there was one thing that would have made this Championship Title even more memorable,” said Angie, “it would be for Rod to have had Dennis Kayser watching him on the sidelines. Rod is not just the owner of Arctic Seal, he is also onsite at each job ensuring the work is nothing but quality. He is a leader and teacher to his employees.”

“Wyatt is in the process of taking the accreditation classes put on by the SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance) that is remarkable for someone that is 15 years old,” said the Conley’s owners of CDI Distribution in Albia. “Wyatt will be a leader in the spray foam industry in the years to come!”

To congratulate Rod or find out more about spray foam options contact him at: 319-334-6299,, or visit the Arctic Seal Facebook page.