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Have you noticed the great increase in the popularity of tattoos in the last twenty years or so? What was once considered perhaps a statement of rebellion against conformity and society rules is now mainstream acceptance by just about everyone. Back in my generation, tattoos were few and far between, seen usually on sailors, bikers, and those with a rebellious streak. And if a girl had a tattoo, well ...

But that has all changed. There are tattoos everywhere. The young and the old alike; guys and gals a like. Makes no difference anymore. My first daughter, Sarah and one of her friends, way back in ‘95, got tattoos the day they turned 18 and Mom and Dad couldn’t do anything about it. My daughter with a tattoo!! Ugh! What kind of a girl is she? Is she one of those kind? The kind many in my ‘old-fogy’ generation thought were ‘bad girls.’ But ya know something, after the shock wore off, (had to pick Deb up off the floor), we both realized she was exactly the same sweet and loveable girl as she was just a few days earlier. Now many years later and after all three of our daughters have tattoos, as well as one grand-daughter and about 75 percent of people I know under the age of 50 have tattoos, I guess they’re not so bad.

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