With planting upon us, I have taken time to reflect on my life as a steward of the land.

I’m proud of the work Iowa farmers have done to continuously evolve the ethanol industry to continue to meet consumer demand. Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) presents the next technological innovation to grow rural Iowa, and Navigator CO2’s Heartland Greenway will bring us to new frontiers.

The agricultural community has been hit hard over the years, most notably with market uncertainty. Thankfully, Navigator’s project will provide the economic certainty we deserve.

The Heartland Greenway will connect with ethanol facilities across the Corn Belt and lift rural economies. Ethanol facilities that reduce emissions will have the potential to achieve a premium in Low-Carbon Fuel Standard markets, leading to 20 to 40 cents increased value per gallon and annual revenue gains between $20 and $40 million per plant.

When you consider what the cost of bushels was when the ethanol industry started compared to what the potential is with the Heartland Greenway, you can understand the need to support the project and keep the industry alive.

My traveling experiences advocating for agricultural products from the United States has shaped my worldview. Agriculture operates at a worldwide scale. Iowa is the nation’s leading ethanol producer and, as such, it’s important for Iowa to establish itself as the leader in CCUS.

I encourage Iowans to consider Iowa’s position as a leader in fueling the world and support the Heartland Greenway.

Vic Miller