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“No one has ever become poor from giving,” is a quote from Anne Frank — which she wrote in the final days of her hiding. Being a mother, I cannot imagine what helpless feelings the Frank and Van Pelt family felt while seeking refuge in the secret annex in Prinsengracht — dependent on others for everything.

Workforce shortages, high energy prices, supply chain issues, etc., we’re all having to deal with the implications of these problems in our own lives. I have to remind myself that there are others within our community who are fighting the same battles, but also having to deal with food insecurity. Being an Oelwein Grinch candidate has also made us “unofficial” spokespersons and advocates for the Oelwein Area Kitchen Cupboard. That makes it my responsibility to ask you to be generous with this worthy organization this year.

I hope that whether you support Dave Byrd, Tim Hadley, Marti Rosenstiel, Kay Langel or myself, you consider donating to increase your contribution of giving food, money or your time. To contact the Kitchen Cupboard with more questions, call 319-283-3595.

As Mother Teresa said, “Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

To support the candidate of your choice you may mail a check to Oelwein Area Kitchen Cupboard, 31 1st Ave NE, Oelwein, IA, IA 50662. Put the candidate of your choice in the memo of the check.

Thanks for your generosity!

Lisa Bahe,

Grinch candidate

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