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Thanksgiving Memories at Wilder Museum

An example of fine china set for a special dinner is on display at the Wilder Memorial Museum in Strawberry Point.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are able to celebrate this Thanksgiving and have good memories of past Thanksgivings, too. My memories include big family Thanksgiving dinners that mom made with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the trimmings.

The extra table leaves were put into the dining room table, where we only ate on special occasions. The table was set with the good table cloth, china, crystal, silverware. The kids sat at a card table or the table in the kitchen.

I remember when the town of Strawberry Point threw live turkeys off the roof of the Pronto Store (the current Repurposed Mojo Boutique) in the early 1970’s for people to catch. My dad and brothers caught a big white turkey one year and they started raising a few turkeys for Thanksgiving along with their chickens every year for a while.

The most important part of my Thanksgiving memories is the family and friends gathered together, sharing, laughing, and eating. I think it still is the most important part but, of course, a lot has changed in the way we celebrate with work, distance, and traveling being a big part of it.

It’s fun to get out the china, crystal, tableware and linens as part of the celebrating. Generally, David and I use our regular, every-day table service along with odds and ends. Otherwise our beautiful china and crystal sits in the cupboard with little or no purpose.

Do you have good dishes in your cupboard that aren’t used very often? Have you thought about getting them out and using them occasionally? I am currently using china that belonged to my Grandma Stoner.

The museum’s dining room table is elegantly but simply set with linen, china, crystal, and silverware to enjoy a fine meal with, adding a special touch of class to a wonderful celebration.

With thankfulness — to you from us — Happy Thanksgiving!

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