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Pictured is more than an estimated $60,000 in illegal drugs and $4,745 in cash seized Friday when the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at 16628 Empire Road, Wadena.

More than $60,000 worth of drugs was seized and three people arrested after Fayette County deputies executed a search warrant in Wadena early Friday morning, according to Sheriff Marty Fisher.

According to a news release from the Sheriff’s Office, at about 12:30 a.m., it executed a search warrant at 16628 Empire Road, Wadena. During a search of the residence, multiple illegal substances were found and seized, along with $4,745 in cash.

Illegal substances seized included more than a half pound of methamphetamine, more than one pound of psychedelic mushrooms, just under five pounds of marijuana, three and a half pounds of THC edibles, roughly 100 THC oil cartridges/vapes, and just under a half pound of chocolate edible psychedelic mushrooms.

Deputies arrested three people:

• Connie Wilson, 60, of Wadena, is charged with possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine (Class B Felony), possession with intent to deliver psychedelic mushshrooms, marijuana and THC oils (Class D felonies) possession of methamphetamine, marijuana, cannabidiol, psychedelic mushrooms and drug paraphernalia (misdemeanors).

• Frederick Alan Degreif, 52, of Wadena, is charged with third-offense possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, and THC oils, (Class D felonies) and possession of drug paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor.

• Steven Lynn Boleyn, 56, of Wadena, was arrested and charged with third-offense possession of methamphetamine (Class D felony) and possession of drug paraphernalia (simple misdemeanor).

Degreif, Wilson, and Boleyn were transported to Fayette County jail.

If convicted, Wilson could face up to 40 years in prison, and Degreif could face up to 20 years in prison.

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