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Regarding “traffic enforcement cameras”: Opponents always give us the same old worn-out spiel, “rather police officer does the enforcement,” or “it’s a speed trap,” or “it’s big brother watching,” or “they’ll drive business away.”

What they really mean is they don’t want any traffic enforcement.

Speeding, careless driving, texting, phone use while driving are all so far out of control they’d need an enforcement officer to watch every driver 24/7. The cameras are not “entrapment.” No one “coaxed” them into any violations. The roads and highways are a “public” place, not “private.” “Money” should not be more important that “crash prevention.”

If the so-called “pro-life” lawmakers, religionists and zealots really lived up to their titles, they’d demand there be “enforcement cameras” at every intersection, along every road — hidden and mobile. Only then will I believe they’re truly “pro-life.”

Why doesn’t that “sanctity of life” apply when on the accelerator? Too many drivers cannot or will not “police themselves.” They’ll do anything they think they can get away with. Crashes and fatalities always go up wherever enforcement is eased or taken away.

Herman Lenz, Sumner

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