One of the construction workers with Safety First Playground Maintenance of Princeton, Minnesota — a company that worked on the playgrounds at Wings Park and has now moved to Little Husky Learning Center — encountered a social media fan Thursday in Tanner Sperfslage, age 13, of Oelwein.

Safety First worker Jermonda Pledge of Cedar Rapids said he posts work photos on Snapchat for fun as user jpledge5.

Tanner said he has watched Pledge’s videos since when he was working at Wings Park earlier this summer. Tanner kept saying Pledge was famous. This was unable to be verified by the construction company’s main office staff, as apparently it is not possible to count someone’s followers on Snapchat.

“I just like to highlight stuff I do,” Pledge told the Daily Register.

Of posting on social media, Pledge said you don’t always know if anyone is watching it. He smiled to learn he had a follower, and posed for photos with his fan and the fan’s friend.

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The workers were observed laying gravel, then interlocking foam, then velcro, and an industrial glue from a giant glue gun to affix the synthetic turf.

After setting up the glue gun with Pledge, Dan Stoltenberg, operations manager, from Princeton Minnesota, commented on the project’s progress toward the Aug. 23 completion date.

Stoltenberg echoed something Superintendent Josh Ehn said at the regular school board meeting last month on a tour of Wings Park — that the playground work was behind schedule owing to correcting a misplaced curb.

The school district has one turnkey contract with ABCreative, Ehn said. This means the playgrounds will be installed complete and ready to operate, per Merriam-Webster.

“We’re on track to get ‘r done,” Stoltenberg said.