Aug. 24, 2020

Robert Louis Michalec Estate conveys to Matthew J. and Abigail DeVries, real estate in Section 30, Big Grove Township.

Jeffrey S. and Nicole D. Williamson convey to Michael D. Kramer, real estate in Lot 4, Block 45, Tilford’s Second Addition to Vinton.

Linda & Phillip Barkdoll Family Trust conveys to Justin L. Kirkpatrick, real estate in Parcel A, Section 19, Monroe Township.

Susan I. Hearn conveys to Dennis Hearn, real estate in Section 36, Polk Township.

Clayton Kramer conveys to Andrew J. and Rachel A. Luscomb, real estate in Lot 2, Lairds First Addition to Urbana.

Ludden Housing LLC conveys to Brent E. and Amy L. Allee, real estate in Section 15, Benton Township.

Aug. 25, 2020

Sandra L. Boots Estate conveys to Bonnie Stevens, real estate in Lot 3, Block 22, Webb’s Addition, Vinton.

Jordan and Keela N. Roberts, and Dale H. And Debbie Sherman convey to John D. Chadima, real estate in Lot 2, Parcel B, Ridgeview Sixth Addition, Atkins.

Jason M. and Tracy E. Urell convey to Tiffany A. and Andrew A. Belekevich, real estate in Lot 9, Pleasant Hill Second Addition, Atkins.

Aug. 26, 2020

Kathryn R. Knaack conveys to Abigail L. Crow, real estate in Block 28, Williams Addition, Vinton.

Rebecca K. and Brandon R. Andresen convey to Dustin Noble and Anna Marier Darling, real estate in Parcel 1, Section 13, Union Township.

Theresa M. Werner conveys to Thomas D. and Richard J. Klein, real estate in Lot 8, Block 10, South Vinton, Vinton.

Allison J. Eddelman conveys to Ryan and Jenny Graham, real estate in Lot 2, Rich’s Fifth Addition, Urbana.

Kerry J. DeMeulenaere conveys to Suzanne M. and David A. Keeling, real estate in Lots 3 and 4, Block 2, Country Club Addition, Belle Plaine.

Aug. 27, 2020

George Dean and Carma S. Reiss convey to Shane M. and Heather M. Mell, real estate in Section 21, Big Grove Township.

Dustin T. and Tiffany L. Bena convey to Jason and Shari Keeney, real estate in Lots 2 and 3, Rich’s Third Addition, Urbana.

Aug. 28, 2020

Donald J. and Geri Maas convey to William and Angela George, real estate in Lot 25, Pete’s Hills Addition.

Brian J. and Renelda A. Baldus convey to Mutt Hutt Real Estate LLC, real estate in Section 34, Harrison Township.

Allie R. and Michael K. McFarlane convey to Richard C. and Lindsay N. Gallo, real estate in Lot 26, Heartland Nature Estates Second Addition, Urbana.

MW Crossroads LLC conveys to Raymond L. Burns, real estate in Lot 2, Block 7, Hutton’s Second Addition, Belle Plaine.

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