Adrianna Katcher (CPU) wins her third WaMaC title in as many tries at South Tama Thursday

TAMA - After finishing up regular season action at the beginning of the month, local runners were ready to showcase their endurance and skills Thursday afternoon as South Tama High School hosted the WaMaC cross country meet.

Coming into the day, CPU junior, Adrianna Katcher, had already claimed the top spot in her two previous conference races. Looking to make it a third in as many tries, Katcher (18:47) separated from the pack early and would cross the finish line almost a minute before Solon’s Emma Bock (19:45.2) and Vinton-Shellsburg’s Kay Fett (19:45.4) to earn the distinction of conference champion once again.

“I’ve trained throughout the season a lot harder than I have any other season. It’s taken a lot more work to be where I am right now, but I definitely wanted to win this one for sure,” stated Katcher.

Despite being a tough act to follow, Katcher wasn’t the only Stormin’ Pointer who caught the attention of the spectators. Sophomore Luke Post (16:34) came within seconds of joining his teammate as a conference champion, but Marion’s Harrison Vanderlinden (16:30) was just able to hold him off at the end.

“It was a fantastic day and the kids competed very well. They have worked very hard and it’s great to see their efforts transferred into great performances,” said CPU Head Coach Amy Marshall.

A pair of CPU individuals were significant highlights, but that wasn’t all as others shined too. All six teams placed within the top ten and 10 total individual runners earned all-conference honors (1-10 equals first team; 11-20 equals second team. * is the indicator). The team and individual results are as follows.



(Williamsburg won with 67 points)

Benton (104) 4th place

*10th- Abby Rinderknecht, FR (20:28)

*11th- Hailee Ricklefs, SO (20:34)

*20th- Paige King, SR (21:03)

23rd- Lauren Woeste, JR (21:12)

40th- Raynee Legrange, FR (22:23)

41st- Trinity Legrange, FR (22.30)

58th- Katelyn Buscher, SO (23:02)


CPU (176) 6th place

*1st- Adrianna Katcher, JR (18:47)

*14th- Kora Katcher, FR (20:43)

34th- Sydney Woods, SR (21:47)

63rd- Lauren Paine, SO (23:10)

64th- Gabi Witte, SO (23:19)

73rd- Emma Desmet, SO (24:29)

77th- Megan Sherman, JR (24:39)


V-S (237) 8th place

*3rd- Kay Fett, FR (19:45)

53rd- Charlee Johnson, FR (22:54)

59th- Lydia Radeke, SO (23:05)

60th- Libby Timmerman, SR (23:07)

62nd- Maddie Erhardt, SR (23:09)

74th- Katie Noren, SR (24:30)

80th- Bailey Weeks, FR (24:50)



(Marion (36) beat Clear Creek-Amana (37) by one to win)

CPU (102) 4th place

*2nd- Luke Post, SO (16:34)

*11th- Mason Bach, SO (17:19)

22nd- Eli Larson, FR (17:52)

30th- Jed Wyse, SR (18:05)

37th- Abe Larson, JR (18:13)

43rd- Cameron Hasleiet, SR (18:21)

44th- Tyler Schnell, SR (18:26)


Benton (151) 5th place

*8th- Dylan Spina, SR (17:05)

27th- Nathaniel Caldwell, SR (18:04)

36th- Drew Lange, JR (18:12)

38th- Russell Atwood, SR (18:15)

42nd- Bennett Gorkow, SR (18:20)

62nd- Simon Carlson, SR (19:26)

64th- Nicson Franck, SO (19:27)


V-S (253) 9th place

*20th- Nolan Haisman, SR (17:43)

49th- Trent Sivola, SR (18:58)

54th- Kody Vogt, SR (19:09)

60th- Philip Kalina, SO (19:21)

70th- Casey Funk, SR (19:49)

71st- Preston Tippie, SO (19:51)

83rd- Weston Powers, SR (20:52)


“Many of our runners, both boys and girls, ran season best times, which is what you want to have happen at the end of the year. It was a very solid day,” mentioned Benton Head Coach Marty Thomae.

With conference now complete, the trio of WaMaC teams will compete in the State Qualifying District Meet at 4 p.m. Thursday. Vinton-Shellsburg and CPU run at Hart Ridge Golf Course in Manchester, while Benton makes the trip to Pella.

“Kay ran another great race and the boys were missing Cameron Karr (sick), but the other kids stepped up in his absence," added Vinton-Shellsburg Head Coach Jeff Mangold.

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