Three area schools took to the fields around Starmont High School on Tuesday with the CPU boys winning their race and other individuals shining in a loaded meet.

On the girls side, CPU junior Kay Fett returned for her first meet in two weeks with a seventh place finish overall with a time of 21:20. Fellow CPU junior Kora Katcher followed in 10th place with a time of 21:48 and CPU freshman snuck in 14th overall with a time of 22:14. Union junior Ellie Rathe was the next area athlete to cross the finish line in 22nd place overall with a time of 22:31, followed by freshman teammate Lauren Youngblut in 47th with a time of 23:41 and V-S freshman Infinity Westlie in 57th with a time of 24:09. V-S junior Charlee Johnson finished 61st with a time of 24:20 and V-S sophomore Molly Haisman took 63rd with a time of 24:25. Team scores saw CPU finish sixth, Union 13th and V-S 16th in a competitive field of 19 complete teams and seven other schools.

The CPU boys continued their successful season with junior Eli Larson winning the invitational with a time of 16:45. CPU Senior Mason Bach came in runner-up with a time of 17:15 and classmate Luke Post in fourth with a time of 17:50. CPU junior Carter Kritz continued the Stormin Pointers’ dominance in 19th with a time of 18:36 and senior Cole Whitehead in 23rd with a time of 18:48. V-S sophomore Reid Hermanson finished 44th overall with a time of 19:44, followed closely by teammate Merritt Bodeker in 45th with a time of 19:46. Union freshman finished 67th with a time of 20:40, edging out Union sophomore Conner Prestemon in 68th with a time of 20:42. CPU took the team title with their average times 20 seconds faster than runner-up West Delaware. V-S finished 13th overall and Union 15th in a field of 19 complete teams and eight other schools competing.

CPU will host a home meet on Tuesday while V-S hosts its own meet the same day with Union in attendance.

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