LA PORTE CITY — The undefeated run just keeps moving along.

The Knights (7-0) earned their seventh win of the season with a 24-hour sweep of Grundy Center (9-0) and Dike New-Hartford (8-1) in a par of eight-game pro sets.

Union has lost just one set in its last three matches.

“The girls are mentally strong and have been showing very consistent play,” head coach Erin Wittenburg said. “They do a good job of reading the ball well and playing. They all know the game well and play the game. They make adjustments and do a really good job of it.”

Against Grundy Center, Ellie Behrens was first off the court at No. 3 singles with an 8-0 win and No. 2 singles player Belle Weber was second off the court with an 8-0 win.

At No. 1 singles, Alexa Weber dropped a game early, but won the final four games in an 8-1 victory. In the final set, Alexa came back from down 30-0 to lead 40-30. Grundy Center’s Whitney Laube evened it at deuce, but Weber scored the next two points to break Laube’s serve and close the match.

Madelon Rathe, Sophie Winkelpleck and Miya Uchiyama-Hansen won at Nos. 4, 5 and 6 singles.

In doubles, the Webers teamed up for a win, as did Behrens and Winklepleck at No. 2. Rathe combined with Laura Rempe at No. 3 for a victory.

On Friday, Wittenburg rotated the back end but the result was the same.

Alexa Weber (8-0), Belle Weber (8-2) and Behrens (8-1) all won at Nos. 1, 2 and 3. Sunshine Gray (8-2) won at No. 4, Rathe (8-2) won at No. 5 and Winkelpleck (8-1) won at No. 6.

In doubles, the Webers won 8-0 and Behrens and Winkelpleck won 8-2. Rathe and Rempe fell, 8-6.

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