Legacy Awards

Keith Elwick (left) and John Anderson (right) were among the inaugural class of Virginia Gay Hospital Legacy Awards presented on Wednesday at the Vinton Country Club.

Virginia Gay Hospital recognized the men and women that have kept the doors open with the first-ever Legacy Honors presented on Wednesday at the Vinton Country Club.

“Many people have made significant efforts to Virginia Gay over the last 98 years, whether it be volunteering at the hospital and providing their services,” Robin Martin, Virginia Gay Foundation Director said. “We hope this event is an ongoing opportunity to tell their stories and bring awareness of these individuals’ impact.”

Awards were broken into two categories: the Founders class for those who have passed, yet their impact made Virginia Gay Hospital possible today, and the Legacy Honors for those who have made contributions keep that legacy alive.

Founders award: Dr. G.R. Woodhouse and Coral Belle Woodhouse, accepted by grandson Dr. Alan Woodhouse; Rogers Family (Maude, Della, Warren, Hazel), accepted Cathie (Herger) Beatty, Ruth Mayhew, family unable to attend; Marian Fuehrer, accepted by daughter Paula Happel; Dr. Sherman Anthony, accepted by Mrs. Dorothy Anderson and husband John; La Teresa Music, accepted by daughter Kim Staab and husband Dave; Kenneth Feller, accepted by Jim Hyde, Karl Fischer; Dr. D.C. Weideman, accepted by son Don Weideman; George J. Garwood, accepted by daughter Carol Geater and son Alan Garwood; Keith & Becky Mossman, accepted by son Mark Mossaman and grandson John Mossman; Kim Frank, accepted by the Frank family; Henry and Maude Herger.

Legacy Honors 2021: John and Beverly Anderson, Dr. Sherman and Dorothy Anthony, Keith and Janet Elwick/Kvastad Farms, Katherine Ervin, Dean Luze, Michael Riege, Denice Stephenson, Helen and Chuck Yundt.

“This was a very successful event,” Martin said. “We’re excited to see how this event unfolds in the future as we continue our Legacy Honors. We hope to honor three to five people in 2022 while enjoying another great evening.”

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