Dan Pickett

Bremer County Sheriff Dan Pickett is thankful for his family and his health after his recovery from COVID-19.

Bremer County Sheriff Dan Pickett has been looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.

The turkey, which he will prepare on Thursday using his mother’s recipe, so that it is fresh, is already waiting in the fridge.

His daughters will be there with their families and so will his mother, Mary Jane. They will all bring sides and desserts for the traditional feast.

Pickett said he is happy and relieved that the family gathering can take place with everyone in attendance, and being able to enjoy each other’s company as all is vaccinated and some have already had their boosters.

The past several weeks have been trying for the three-term sheriff, who battled COVID-19 in the beginning of October.

He said he was surprised to find out that what had started as a regular cold turned out to be COVID, which took him out of commission for about two weeks.

While fighting the virus, Pickett said he was also worried about his elderly mother, whom he had visited just prior to falling sick. And meanwhile, he was concerned about his wife’s wellbeing.

Thankfully, neither his mother, who does not live with the family, nor his wife, who stayed on the opposite side of the house, caught the virus.

Pickett said he believes having had the vaccine lessened the severity of his case.

He has lost some weight, and his sense of smell is yet to return fully, but he is back in the saddle. He said he would get a booster as soon as he is eligible.

In reflecting on the challenges he has gone through as a result of the virus, he said he is glad to have returned to the office in due course.

He said he is thankful to his staff for running the office in his absence and to his deputies for continuing to perform their duties while he was recovering.

“The chief deputy (Robert Whitney) handled things here,” he said.

Thanksgiving has always had a special meaning for Pickett, but this one will have a cherished place in his heart.

The experience of surviving the virus has put things in perspective for him as a son, a husband, a father and a grandfather.

“I am lucky to have my family and my health,” he said.